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With a background in animation, I provide storyboards for tv commercials, shows, movies and sketch out anything you may need.

Altagracia Art has been working with a broad spectrum of art styles for over 15 years. I cater to all clients, no matter if you are a

book publisher, a movie company, a computer- or board game developer, a big or small company of any kind or even a private person.

Please take a look at my portfolio and contact me to find out how I can help you with your current project.

Graphic Design




Designing High quality artwork

With a background in animation, I provide top quality illustrations for books, video games, board games and magazines etc.

I can help you with a new logo design, graphic design and I also specialize in designing board games.

I love photography, but am also happy to assist you with photo manipulation, restoration and retouching.


Vectors and clip-arts of all kind, character design for animated films, shows or for computer games and more

I also work as a fine artist, painting realist still lives, landscapes and portraits. Please take a look at my online gallery and inquire about pricing.

Please contact me if you would like to commission a painting and inquire about pricing.

I teach online classes. Please contact me for more info.

Furthermore I give lectures on Fine Art vs. Postmodernism. Please contact me for more info, pricing and availability.


With a background in cooking I love to combine food and photography.