I make any kind of illustrations for books, be it for children's books, adult books or for non-fiction books and of course for any kind of magazines as well. My style varies greatly, so I can create illustrations in different mediums, be it traditionally hand drawn or painted digitally. Furthermore I can cover all other illustration needs such as making sketches or concept art for interior/ exterior design, items, clothing, or even designing the occasional mascot. I also immensely enjoy creating vector illustrations.

Graphic Design

I also have your basic graphic design needs covered, such as creative logo design, flyers, business cards, menus for restaurants, icons for websites or programs, packaging and much more.

TV related services

Having learned from a storyboarder from Disney, I have been well equipped to draw many storyboards for LEGOs TV commercials. I also do concept art and character designs for animated movies/ TV shows to help bring your story to life.


I illustrate both digital games as well as traditional board games. I can help with character design, concept art, background design, sprites, board- and game piece design, packaging design, and I will even help you with the concept should you be in a rut.


On top of having a passion for photography I offer various photo related services. Besides product- and food photography I love to do all the work that you don't have time for such as retouching, manipulation and color adjusting. Furthermore I will restore old or broken photographs for you by removing dust and scratches or filling in tears or missing corners. Or, in case your photographer let you down on an important day, I can save the photographs for you by adjusting and retouching them to look harmonic and beautiful.

Fine Art

Having learned from an artist who attended the Grand Central Academy of Art in New York and even more from an expert Peruvian artist, I have been working as a fine artist for the past couple of years focusing mainly on still lives.



My name is Tanja Aldebot and I have worked with illustration for over 17 years. I have always loved to draw, paint and sculpt and have since strived to perfect these different aspects of my creativity. I have a background in animation- I learned at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, which is considered to be one of the best two animation schools in Europe. For the past couple of years I have learned professional ateliér style realist/ hyper realist painting which has also positively affected my illustration skills.

"Schnapp die Nuss!"
This game from Schmidt Spiele that I illustrated was nominated for Graf Ludo Preis

"Chinese handywoman"

A cover illustration for DT Magazine won the prize for best illustration 2009 by the European association for internal communication FEIEA.

"Wild West Express"

A strategy boardgame developed by Sky High Games, illustrated by us, was nominated as game of the year 2010 by Guldbrikken.

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